Thursday, September 30, 2010

Angel's Trumpet In Full Bloom

The cooler nights and shorter days have given way to an abundance of Angel's Trumpet Blooms at the Greenhouses. For those of you who have never grown Angel's Trumpets (Brugmansias), these are fast growing fluted flowers that emit an intoxicating nighttime fragrance. Easy-to-grow, simply give lots of fertilizer and full sun and the blooms will reward you time and again. I took pictures of three varieties that were in full bloom yesterday.

Angel's Trumpet 'Cherub' has hundreds of open flowers. The nighttime fragrance is overwhelming.

This is a 6 year-old specimen. Every fall, we prune it back to a bare stem, about 3 feet high and then overwinter it in a cool greenhouse or you can overwinter an Angel's Trumpet in a basement or a garage that doesn't go below freezing. Water only once a month and when springtime arrives put the plant in a sunny spot and watch it sprout back to life.

This year a bird's nest made a home in 'Cherub' at its trunk bifurcation.

The blooms are a translucent pink when viewed from underneath.

The flowers gather in frilly pink clusters.

The Italian Terra-Cotta pot is about 32 inches wide and has been in the Logee-Martin family for nearly 60 years.

A new Variety of Angel's Trumpet will be introduced in 2011. It is another Byron Martin hybrid called Brugmansia 'Angel's Blushing Beauty'.

I turned the pot for another view of this two year-old specimen. Notice the lovely soft pink blooms that cascade in layers of color.

Of course, our old standby Brugmansia 'Angel's Summer Dream' was blooming its head off and does so most of the year.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

A New Pup variety at Logee's

Last week, we talked about banana pups, which are little banana plants forming along side their mother plant. This week our new variety is a pup but not a banana pup. It is a real live puppy which belongs to our 12 year-old daughter, Angel. The puppy is a Zuchon (Shih-tzu/Bichon), her name is Bella Rose and she is our newest addition to Logee's. Take a look!

Angel is ready to go to school and Bella Rose is going to work with me at Logee's. Notice the Ficus 'Chicago Hardy' fig behind Angel's head and in the lower left corner is one of my favorite fall-blooming Salvia's called Salvia van houttii 'Dancing Flame.' It is just coming into flower.

Today was a bit rainy but Bella made her rounds. She started in the tray of Pelargoniums. The red flower is Pelargonium 'Balcon Royal Red' and the pink flower is Pelargonium 'Desrumeaux'. These Pelargoniums bloom from spring to fall and make excellent hanging baskets. They can be grown inside during the winter.

Next, she posed with the 4-inch Buddleia davidii 'Peacock'. These Buddleias are still in bloom and attract lots of butterflies on a sunny day.

She has plenty of room in a 14-inch pot.

This wet pooch is ready to go inside to our retail store.

Surprise, Tiffany wasn't expecting a soggy puppy kiss.

Amy, our retail supervisor with the frisky, Bella Rose.

Bella and Amy working on Open House Fliers.

Well, sitting on Open House Fliers.

Our Annual Open House is Nov. 5-7th. We will start with a book launch party (Growing Tasty Tropical Plants in any home, any where) Nov. 5th and then all weekend long we will be giving tours, lectures and great sale prices. Plus don't forget to stop by for a complimentary taste of our famous Logee's Lemonade, made with our Ponderosa Lemons.

Next, Bella visiting Penny in shipping.

And, Sabina our shipping supervisor taking a camera break. She and Penny just finished packing 120 boxes of plants. As long as the weather is above freezing the plants can travel by mail for 3-4 days and be in good shape by the time they reach their destination.

Bella stays in the office most of the day. She has her crate and her rug. Here is Kim, one of our Customer Service Representatives in the background.
Bella was brushed for this picture.

Next, Bella explored Kim's desk.

Ashley, our customer service supervisor, holding Bella.
In the back row from (left to right) Deb, our new bookkeeper, Kim and Margaret both customer service reps. They have all taken on the "Auntie" role quite well.

Marie-Claire, our financial supervisor.

At the end of the day, Bella sleeping on Ashley's desk!

Another picture of Bella resting in the office, but it looks like she is getting ready to get up and go again. Oh No!