Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Growing Tropical Fruit Book in the Works

Growing Tasty Tropicals in Any Home, Anywhere (pending publication by Storey publishing, fall 2010) has been in the works for a long time. Byron and I have been collecting exotic and tropical fruits for well over a decade and have finally taken the time over the past year to write all the interesting fun facts and cultural tips on how to be successful with potted fruit. The title page (pictured to the right) plus 160 other pages were sent to us this week for our review.

We recently had our illustrator, Beverly Duncan, visit us to get a
first hand account of the plants. Byron explains to Beverly the growth habit of our Black Olive (Olea europaea 'Arbequina'). Later she shows us her sketched olive tree.

Our category of citrus in the
book needed clarification. Here Beverly has the fruit of an Australian Finger Lime (the small
green fruit) and she is comparing the color of a Tahitian orange and the Myrtle Leaf orange. Both varieties
are miniature oranges but the color
distinction is subtle unless side by side. The lighter colored orange is the Myrtle Leaf Orange pictured here as a bonsai tree.

Another interesting fruit that we showed Beverly on her visit was our "Brown Sugar Fruit" (Manilkara
zapota Sapodilla 'Silas Woods'). This is a rare and tasty fruit that when mature will produce egg shaped fruit that can be cut in half and scooped out. The brown sugar taste and custard like texture is a delectable treat. Sapodilla plants are also known for their ability to produce chicle, a natural latex used in chewing gum.

Lastly, Beverly needed to see how Dragon Fruit (Hylocereus species) grew. It is shown here growing up a support and once the vines get a little bigger the red dragon fruit will appear.

Recently, I was in Florida collecting plants and I couldn't help but notice a local nursery that had neat rows of Dragon Fruit Trees cultured like standards. If you look closely the central stem is simply a pole that the vines have wrapped around. Impressive!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Jade Vine In Bloom at Logee's

The Jade Vine (Strongylodon macrobotrys) is in bloom in our Greenhouses and the eye-catching display of jade-colored flowers will stop even the most casual visitor. In the Long House and in the Fern House you can see this native Philippine vine, each with 8 to 10 dangling chains of flowers.

The flower chains pictured are in different stages of blooming. First, the flower chains emerge out of either woody or new growth to start their trek downward. Then, as the chains reach their full length the blooms start opening from the top down. The flowers only last 4-5 days but the succession of bloom will continue. Flower chains can reach a few feet to 10 feet in length, if space permits.

As the flowers open, the stem bends with the weight of the bloom and forms a display of unusual jade flowers. Once the plant gets to be the size of your thumb in width, the plant is ready to bloom.

Our vine was two years old before it started blooming and presently is four years old. To be successful make sure you have plenty of room, lots of sunshine and sturdy support for your vine to
ramble around. Once it has reached maturity hard pruning will be necessary.

These are excellent plants for conservatories or sunrooms or a trellis in the south, which is Zone 10 or higher. Come take a peek!

Monday, March 15, 2010

How To Assemble Logee's Sunrise Succulent Collection

Succulents are a great way to bring color, form and texture to your indoor garden. Our Logee Sunrise Succulent Collection is comprised of 5 different succulents and then arranged in a way that makes an eye-catching statement!
Our Greenhouse manager, Rick Logee, loves
growing succulents. He says, "They are easy-to-grow, and only need water every other week or so." What about light level? "Grow them in
full sun and in the summer, take them outside on a deck or patio for the strongest light."
Follow the video instructions below to create your own
Logee Sunrise Succulent
Collection. You will receive in the mail five plants, clay saucer and soil.
The five plants that make up the Collection are: Euphorbia 'Firesticks' shown growing in trays with red-tipped ends, "Variegated String of Buttons" (Crassula perforata), "Watch Chain" (Crassula lycopodiodes), Anacampseros 'Sunrise'- the pink-blushed low grower, and Echeveria
'Black Prince'- the dark rosette-shaped plant.

Click on the arrow below to play the instructional video.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Logee's on Facebook and Twitter

Whoo Hoo...Logee's is on facebook and twitter. Yes, this year 2010 we are exploring all the social networking. Logee's is over 118 years old and change is sometimes difficult.

Well, we are changing with the times, at least a little bit. If you want to follow us on facebook and be a fan, click on our facebook link. When you get to Logee's facebook simply click on Become a Fan. If you want little tweets (up to 146 characters) about sales, new items, visitors, etc, then click on our twitter link.

Here's Ashley our Customer
Service Supervisor taking on the task of keeping us current on Facebook and Twitter.

We are learning all about how to reach people in a way that is convenient and useful. If you want blogs, you are in the right place. We're committed to blogging at least once a week,
but don't worry we will keep the "Secret Garden" aspect of Logee's the same. We don't want to get to far away from the natural world. Plus part of
the intrigue of Logee's is walking through the the narrow aisles, looking for the secret door that leads into the next greenhouse where little plants and big mother plants all grow side by side. Notice the tray of trichodiadema densumin bloom today and the archway into one of our retail greenhouses covered with a ficus vine. Enjoy!!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The Plant Shipping Process

At Logee's, we take great pride in shipping our plants that have been carefully grown in our greenhouses. We ship nationally and our plants have to be tucked in, stabilized and carefully wrapped to ensure safe delivery.

Sabina, our shipping supervisor at Logee's does a fantastic job heading up Logee's shipping department. During our busy season, which begins now, she will have up to 8 people working with her. The plants are groomed, wrapped, and tended to with the utmost care.

Click on the arrow below to play the video.

The small plant being shipped in the video is Jasminum Azoricum.
Pictured are the mature fragrant flowers. It is one of the sweetest jasmines we grow and can reach 2-3 feet in a pot within a season. Remember to give this vining plant some support like a trellis or wire hoop so it will bloom in full sun from spring through fall.