Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The Plant Shipping Process

At Logee's, we take great pride in shipping our plants that have been carefully grown in our greenhouses. We ship nationally and our plants have to be tucked in, stabilized and carefully wrapped to ensure safe delivery.

Sabina, our shipping supervisor at Logee's does a fantastic job heading up Logee's shipping department. During our busy season, which begins now, she will have up to 8 people working with her. The plants are groomed, wrapped, and tended to with the utmost care.

Click on the arrow below to play the video.

The small plant being shipped in the video is Jasminum Azoricum.
Pictured are the mature fragrant flowers. It is one of the sweetest jasmines we grow and can reach 2-3 feet in a pot within a season. Remember to give this vining plant some support like a trellis or wire hoop so it will bloom in full sun from spring through fall.

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