Thursday, April 22, 2010

Behind the scenes- Customer Service

Hello everyone! My name is Ashley; I’m the Customer Service Supervisor and the GUEST BLOGGER for this week! This week’s topic is customer service. Customer service, quality plants, reliable shipping, you name it - we care about it - deeply. Logee's takes all feedback very seriously and we are constantly making changes in the way we handle customer service to better fit our customers' needs. Each week, before the phones start ringing, we have an office meeting with all of the customer service staff in which we discuss how we can provide better customer service.

This is me, I'm the Customer Service Supervisor. I also manage the inventory and print out the labels that are included in each pot. My favorite plant is the Colocasia gigantea "Giant Elephant Ear" because of its large size and the unique aspect it adds to container gardening.

Here is Margaret, the customer service representative who answers all of our emails and proofreads the catalogs before we send them to be printed. On average, Margaret answers between 100 to 150 emails during our busy season. Margaret's favorite plant is the Mandevilla laxa "Chilean Jasmine" because of the growth habit and vigor.

This is Kirstin. She is currently processing orders for shipment. This process takes about two days. On the first day, the paperwork is generated. Then, the paperwork is sent to the correct department; the pick tickets go to the picker who will find the plants in the 13 greenhouses, and the shipping department gets packing slips so the order can be shipped. Kirstin's favorite plant is the Begonia 'My Special Angel' because of how easy it is to grow and she likes the spotted leaves.

Sherrie is currently first on the phones. This means that she answers the majority of the phone calls. She also takes turns with Kirstin processing orders. Sherrie's favorite plant is the
Hibiscus 'Bon Temps'
because of the color of the bloom and how easy it was to get it to start blooming!

Donna does the bookkeeping as well as some customer service. Donna's favorite plant is the Hibiscus 'Rumrunner' because of its big, beautiful flowers and how well it blooms.

All of our customer service representatives are trained to provide the best customer service possible, whether it is taking an order, diagnosing plant problems, tracking an order or simply answering a question, they can help you! Our customer service representatives are always ready and willing to help. We have many different resources available to us, we have helpful care sheets that can be sent out upon request (and are also located on our website), we use many reputable gardening websites and we also have an on-site horticulturalist to help us answer any questions you may have! You can call us at any time Monday-Friday from 9 a.m to 5 p.m EST at 1-888-330-8038.

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