Monday, March 14, 2011

Logee's at the Philadelphia International Flower Show

Amazing, Awesome, Mind Boggling are only a few words to describe the elaborate floral displays we saw at the Philadelphia Flower Show! It is one of the oldest and best known flower shows in the country and if you've never been, it's worth considering next year.

Greeters outside the Philadelphia Convention center invite us inside.

We were at the show on business. The Publishers of our latest book, Storey Publishing sponsored our trip and in return we talked about, Growing Tasty Tropicals in any home, anywhere and had a book signing following the talk. Many thanks go out to Storey for scheduling the trip and to the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society for sponsoring an amazing Floral Extravaganza- The Philadelphia International Flower Show.

Our book on display at the A1A Bookstore of Philadelphia.

Byron, lecturing about Growing Tasty Tropical Fruit. There were about 150 people in attendance.

Authors, Byron and me, (Laurelynn) signing after the lecture.

Now on to the good stuff! Here are a few pictures to give you a flavor of the Philadelphia Flower Show- Springtime in Paris, 2011.

The Eiffel Tower Display with lights and carousel animals all around.

A floral peacock!

A lion with grass tufts of hair.

A stunning display of orchids with rose petals on the ground and softly lit pink vases.

The peppermint rose display was one of my favorites.

Here are the roses intertwined in a black chain-link.

Cherry trees in bloom and colorful bands of tulips gave the effect of strolling through a park in Paris.

Le Fleuriste or The Florist!

Another angle of the florist.

Laurelynn and Byron, outside a French Cafe...Almost!

"An American in Paris" was a four part quadrant display. Here is just one segment.
Suspended in mid-air a sense of whimsy and playfulness come alive in this bright floral arrangement.

A company called Beautiful Blooms Events had an outstanding display of flowers placed in artistic designs. This box of pink anthurium blooms stood out amongst the others.

The "Best In Show" was elaborate, creative and traditional all at once. The next three pictures are different angles of the Best in Show Display.

An entire room with the chandelier, furniture and most important Floral Displays.

Exquisite Cut Flower Arrangement.
The elegant outdoor white wrought iron garden structure of the "Best in Show". Notice the gorgeous Lillies bursting forth from the water fountain.

A shaded pink pathway of carnations in dishes.

An area dedicated to bonsais was a popular stop.

This is a Japanese White Pine that is 70 years old.

Elaborate hoops of Ginger suspended mid-air won the Award of Distinction.

Another favorite of mine is this painting of a garden with the garden behind it.

Here's the garden with a fountain at the end of the walkway as shown in the painting.

Smith & Hawken with Target(notice the green bull's eye) created this gravity defying wall of furniture and plants. Take a close look.

For more pictures of our trip to the Philadelphia Flower Show, be sure to check out our photos posted on our Logee Facebook page.

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  1. WOW...Lovely pictures I must say..I wish I was there at the Philadelphia International Flower Show..I would love to have at least some of that stuff at my place..