Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Logee's on A Field Trip

Our retail store space is small, only about a 20’ x 20’ area inside and a pergola about the same dimensions outside. By next year, we may be able to double or triple the size of our retail sales space once our new production greenhouse is built. So we went on a field trip to see how some of the more famous garden centers around the Boston area use their space.

Logee's has been around since 1892 and two of the garden centers that we visited have been in business longer than us. Take a look.

Our pergola with limited space.

A few pots that we sell inside.

We stopped at Mahoney's in Winchester, Mass. They have eight different garden centers and this is their original store started in 1959.

They have unique displays!

Tubs for large sized plants.

A bougainvillea cultured as a bonsai.

Amy, Logee's retail supervisor and Tiffany, also from our retail department surrounded by plants.

More interesting displays. These were some of our favorites: pottery toadstools displayed in tree stumps.

Great signs, directional and inviting.

We stopped at Wilson Farms, which is a local produce/small garden center store that's been around since 1884.

A fish pond at Wilson's Farm.

We stopped at another famous garden center in Wayland, Mass called Russell's. They have been around since 1876.

Amy and Tiffany standing under a Pitcher Plant.

Amy admiring a variety of plants, including a delphinium.

Lots of signs at Russell's too.

We ended our trip at J.P. Bartlett's, a wholesale geranium grower that's been around since 1911. Pictured from left to right:
Michael Hoffmann, manager at Bartlett's, Laurelynn Martin, co-owner of Logee's, Laura Abrams, president of Bartlett's, Amy Miller, Logee's retail supervisor, Tiffany Debruycker, Logee's retail/grower.

Tiffany, in the collage of colors of Bartlett's Geraniums.


  1. Would you now have the following: Pelargonium Appleblossom Rosebud; Patricia Andrea and Rococo? Please let me know!

    Greetings from one of your year-long customers in Georgia/USA (we did visit you in CT while working there!)


  2. Hi Mariette- Yes, we currently have Pelargonium 'Appleblossom Rosebud' in stock although our website does not reflect this, so it would be best to call. We don't carry Patricia Andrea and Roccoco. We also have Pelargonium 'Pink Rosebud' as well. Thanks for asking.