Wednesday, July 28, 2010

New Greenhouse Construction Update

We are half-way through building our new energy efficient production greenhouse, funded in part through a Federal Rural Development Grant and a Connecticut Agricultural Viability Grant. All of our tropical plants will need to be undercover and protected before frost sets in so we plan to finish by mid-September. Look at the process over the past two months. Edwin's Greenhouse Construction company from Pennsylvania and Rimol Greenhouse from New Hampshire and Dave and Terry Papuga of Donovan construction are doing an amazing job.

Our group of managers toasting the start of the new greenhouse.

(left to right)
Sham, Byron, me and Margaret sipping on sparkling lemonade.

The empty back lot at Logee's.

A total of 72 holes for the steel poles being dug.

The first of many tractor trailer trucks backing down the narrow pathways.

It's a tight fit maneuvering between our freestanding greenhouses.

Unloading the poles between the plants.

Poles standing tall

Green foam board hand placed for the radiant heat.

Tubing which will carry hot water for heating purposes.

Byron taking a break for a picture, Corey kneeling and Dave Papuga organizing the project during the heat wave.

A sea of green.

Byron explaining the project to Elijah, our 14 year-old son.

Byron meeting with Robyn from New Alliance bank.
The concrete has been poured over the green foam.

Another Truck loaded with the polycarbonate for the roof.

The truck was carefully unloaded by hand.

Each sheet was in good shape.

More Steel arrives.

Trusses are being built by the construction crew.

Trusses secured on the base structure.

Byron and John Wells from Rimol Greenhouses.

Deciding where to put an interior sliding door.

The polycarbonate roof is carefully going on the 4 bays.

The new greenhouse from afar.


  1. Loved the photos of the construction of the new greenhouse.
    Came by this spring and met you there. I am a garden writer and we chatted about your blog. I finally took the big step and posted my blog, with Wordpress. Please check it out when you can.

  2. Thanks for the comments. Please send us your blog address so we can share it with others.